Malkawi, Ali

Professor of Architectural Technology; Founding Director, Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities

Ali Malkawi's research interest is in the area of computational design decision support and optimization as it relates to energy efficiency.

About Ali Malkawi

A. Malkawi

Ali Malkawi is a professor of Architectural Technology at the Graduate School of Design.

Malkawi is an international scholar and expert in building simulation, energy conservation, and sustainability in buildings. He teaches architectural technology and computation and conducts research in the areas of computational simulation, building performance evaluation, and advanced visualization. 

He is also the Founding Director of the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, a multi-disciplinary research institution that seeks to transform the building industry through a commitment to design-centric strategy that directly links research outcomes to the development of new processes, systems, and products.

Malkawi leads efforts in sustainability framework developments and engages with energy policies in several countries, including leading the development of the first performance based sustainability rating system in the Middle East for the State of Qatar.

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