Engell, James

Gurney Professor of English Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature

James Engell is a professor of both English and Comparative Literature whose research interests include British literature; comparative Romanticism; criticism and critical theory; environment and literature; and environmental education.

About James Engell

James Engell

James Engell is the Gurney Professor of English Literature and a professor of Comparative Literature in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Since 1978, Engell has taught at Harvard and chaired the Department of English, the Honors Degree Program in History & Literature, and the Department of Comparative Literature.  

A faculty associate of the Harvard University Center for the Environment, he has taught environmental seminars at Harvard, the National Humanities Center, and at Waseda University (Japan).

His thirteen books include The Creative Imagination: Enlightenment to Romanticism (1981); The Committed Word: Literature and Public Values (1999); and, with Anthony Dangerfield, Saving Higher Education in the Age of Money (2005), which won the Association of American Colleges & Universities Ness Book Award for best book on liberal education.  

In 2008, Yale University Press published, Environment: An Interdisciplinary Anthology, which he conceived and co-edited. In 2016, he published a new, illustrated edition of William Wordsworth’s great poem of nature and autobiography, The Prelude.

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