Leaning, Jennifer

Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights; Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Jennifer Leaning is interested in addressing problems associated with international human rights and humanitarian law, humanitarian crises and human security in the context of forced migration and conflict, and medical ethics in practical settings of disasters and emergencies.

About Jennifer Leaning

Jennifer Leaning

Jennifer Leaning is a professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights and an associate professor of Emergency Medicine .

Leaning’s research and policy interests include issues of public health, medical ethics, and early warning in response to war and disaster, human rights and international humanitarian law in crisis settings, and problems of human security in the context of forced migration and conflict.

She has field experience in problems of public health assessment and human rights in a range of crisis situations (including Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Kosovo, the Middle East, former Soviet Union, Somalia, the Chad-Darfur border, and the African Great Lakes area) and has written widely on these issues.

Leaning serves on the boards of The Humane Society of the United States, and the Massachusetts Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross. From 2005-2009, she founded and co-directed the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

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