Tziperman, Eli

Pamela and Vasco McCoy, Jr. Professor of Oceanography and Applied Physics

Eli Tziperman’s research interests focus on large-scale climate and ocean dynamics, including El Niño, thermohaline circulation, abrupt climate change, glacial cycles and equable climates.

About Eli Tziperman

Eli Tziperman is the Pamela and Vasco McCoy, Jr. Professor of Oceanography and Applied Physics.

Eli Tziperman works in climate dynamics, trying to understand physical processes that affect Earth's climate on time scales of a few years to millions of years. Climate variability results from a rich set of nonlinear, sometimes chaotic, physical interactions of the oceans, atmosphere and at times the biosphere as well. Often the very basic questions are still unanswered in this field. E.g. why is El Niño irregular? Why are there ice ages? How far in advance can we predict the total precipitation of the next rainy season? This clearly makes it a fascinating field to work in for students with a physics background who are interested in applying physical/ mathematical principles to the study of the natural world. Climate research also has, of course, an applied aspect directly affecting our lives. Accordingly, the Tziperman research team works on challenges like improving El Niño prediction skills using advanced methods for combining realistic models and observations.

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